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U2.USA Clickable Responsive State Maps (2)

USA States Clickable Maps

Sample Map Shot

An easy to install USA State Maps that are clickable, Responsive and more

What you need to use/edit the system

  • Web Server
  • Text Editor
  • Mobirise 4.11.4 or later or another Site Editor
  • Mobirise Code Editor Extension (if using Mobirise)

Demo Here


  • Fully Responsive and compatible with Mobirise.
  • Uses Bootstrap's responsive framework and code editor to install.


  • Two Maps Included, one that displays State Name and Capital on Mouseover and one that also displays State Populations on Mouseover.
  • On click state can redirect to your choice of URL, Site Page or online PDF.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Additional versions of Map will be added later and you will get the additional versions FREE.

Easy SetUp

  • Copy and paste provided code into an HTML block and upload a couple of files and the job is done.
  • No coding knowledge required.

What's In the Pack?

All Required Support Files - Richosoft created code files and libraries, Full user guide.
User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your plug-in.
Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.
* Mobirise and the Mobirise Logo are trademarks of and are acknowledged as such.
Note: NEW!!
Price: £19.99 (GBP)

Provided By: RichoSoft
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Contact Name(s): Steve
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Category: Other Utilities/Extensions
Type: Manual Utility
Available in Country : Worldwide
Language: English
Item Type : Premium

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