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­HTML5 Audio Player

An easy to set up HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist for multiple tracks.
Installs like any other Mobirise Extension.
Just create your playlist and you are ready to go.

Not Compatible with AMP Sites
System Requirements
What you need to use the system:
Mobirise Program V3/V4 or Later.
Mobirise Code Editor Extension.

Multi Track Playlists
Rewind to Start
Next/Previous Track
Download Track Button
Volume/Mute Button
Play progress bar
Animation whilst playing (Optional)

Easy Set Up. 
Add to any Mobirise Site Page.
Includes user guide PDF and Required items.

Price: £10.99 (GBP)

Provided By: RichoSoft
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Contact Name(s): Steve
Contact Provider: Click here

Category: Video and Music Extensions
Type: Extension
Available in Country : Worldwide
Language: English
Item Type : Premium

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Ref: CAC-C256677

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