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U13. Auto Word Cloud Extension

­Word Cloud Sample

An easy to set up Automatic Word Cloud for Mobirise V4.
Automatically creates Word Cloud for your page from the page content.

Not Compatible with AMP Sites
System Requirements
What you need to use the system:
PHP Enabled Server 5.4 or later with file_get_contents() enabled.
Mobirise Program V3 or Later.
Mobirise Code Editor Extension.

Easy Set Up. 
Add to any Mobirise Site Page.
Includes user guide PDF and Required items.
Sample Backgrounds included.

Set maximum words to display.
Add additional words.
Choose a font to use.
Select a background for the cloud from 30 samples or add your own or use no background.
Add cloud at any position on the page.
Add clouds to any number of pages with unique clouds for each page.
Add cloud for another page on the current page.

Price: £5.99 (GBP)

Provided By: RichoSoft
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Contact Name(s): Steve
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Category: Tag Cloud Utilities
Type: Extension
Available in Country : Worldwide
Language: English
Item Type : Premium

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Ref: CAC-C256675

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