My Store

My Digi Store

My PRO Store

My PRO Plus Store

My PRO Plus Store with Catalogue Option

Sell Physical Products

Sell Digital Products

Uses auto configured PayPal Gateway

Multiple Product Cart

Product Colour Options

Product Size Options

Other Options

Product Images






Extended Product Info Pop-Up

Product Offers

Auto Savings Displayed when on Offer

Digital Product Indicator

Pack Qty Display (optional)

Max Qty auto adjust to Stock Level

Auto Stock Levels updating on sales

Prevent Order if Out of Stock

Filter Shop by Category/Offer Type and Sort by various Options

Post & Packing by product

Min and Max P&P per Order

Coupons validated by selected date range and number of uses. Auto updated uses on sales.

Variable tax rates per product

Products can be categorised

Videos in Extended Product Info

Animated Add To Cart

Separate Billing/Delivery Addresses on Checkout

PayPal IPN Listener to get updates to orders from PayPal Live

Auto Emails to Customers on Success/Pending/Fail of Orders

Protected Download Links with Time Limited and Number of downloads limits

Auto Customer Accounts

Invoice Creation by Admin

Optional Add-In

Optional Add-In

Invoice Viewing by Customers

Prevent Orders more than stock levels

Auto created Privacy Policy to help with GDPR compliance

Auto created Terms of Use

Zoom on Image Hover in shop

Encrypted Admin Passwords

Encrypted Customer Passwords

Forgot password function for admin

Forgot password function for Customers

Auto created Order Numbers

Auto created Customer Numbers

Switchable Catalogue Mode (Take orders only, no payment online)

Optional Additional Requirements text field on checkout

Optional Upload Up to 4 files to support order on checkout

References to Cart replaced with References to Order in Catalogue Mode

Admin Add/Edit Products

Admin Manage Categories

Admin Manage Tax Rates

Umlimited admin users

Admin Manage Users

Admin Manager Offer Types

Admin Manage Coupons

Admin View and Update Orders

Admin Add/Edit Products

Analytics to monitor store performance etc.

Image manager to allow removal of Images not in use

System Utilities - backup DB

System Utilities - Optimise DB

System Utilities - Export Order Summaries

System Utilities - Export Order Details

System Utilities - Remove Abandoned Carts

Admin Reset Download Links

Admin - System settings Page

Easy Install with auto-build Database

Customisable in Mobirise

All required files included

Comprehensive User Guide

Free support included