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SP1. Mobiclean Pro - Clean Up Mobirise Code and More

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New Version Now V10!

Code Cleanup Program for Published Mobirise* Pages.
The Swiss Army Knife for Mobirise Sites!
MobiClean PRO is the Ultimate Add-On Tool for Mobirise that not only removes all those backlinks to Mobirise but does much much more to enhance your site page.

For Mobirise V3.x.x and V4.x.x and V5.x.x
An easy to use program that will easily and quickly remove hidden Mobirise links in the output html from the Mobirise Program and a lot, lot more!
Simply publish your pages to a local folder and run mobiclean and all the hidden links are replaced with your chosen alternatives.

Now there is a dedicated Web Site for Mobiclean PRO here
System Requirements
What you need to use the system: 
Your pages published with the Mobirise Program
Windows 7, 8 or 10
32Bit or 64Bit Windows Operating Systems. (Not suitable for MAC or other operating systems)
Mobirise 3.x.x or 4.x.x or 5.x.x to publish your site pages
Mobirise Code Editor Extension (Optional but recommended). 
Easy to Use
Works on pages with .html, .php, .asp, .htm, .shtml extensions and some selected .js files
Just publish pages to local folder.
Choose your replacements, select the folder and click Start Process, and within seconds all mobirise links are replaced with yours.

Now Includes..
Automatically senses if site is Mobirise 3,4 or 5 and adjusts processes accordingly.
Optimise all assets/images folder saving up to 55% of file size. 
Automatically create Sitemap.xml and robots.txt and Meta Tags. 
Add More Meta Tags. 
Replace up to 2 custom strings. 
Faster Code and Minor bug fixes.
and a lot lot more .....

Latest Updates

See the latest Updates here

You get FREE Updates to the latest version for Life from
RichoSoft Squared.

More Info
Get all details and info on the dedicated Web Site for Mobiclean PRO here


Some User testimonials:

"Thanks for the great tool - Mobiclean Pro. What an awesome addon that really makes my work using Mobirise easy. Previously, I would publish the html / php then open the files in Notepad to edit the metadata and remove some of the backlinks that the Mobirise DEV team put in to promote their great site building software. For a twenty page site, this could take more than 20 minutes per set of changes. Now with Mobiclean Pro, I get to set all sorts of edits, choose the folder holding my content, and even set the output folder; Then click on "start process." The tool is quick and efficient, and thanks for sharing how many changes it finds and replaces. mobiclean Pro finds many more mobirise. com references and other needed changes than I ever found doing it by hand. While I still open and edit files, it's much less time consuming thanks to you. If I had a Genius Award I would give you one for your work creating Mobiclean Pro in 2017. So far this is the best tool/addon I have found this year. It is awesome and anyone who builds sites for themselves or others should get it. Besides saving time, it makes the code more google bot friendly and thus improves SEO scores and page rank. "

Doc Palmere, USA

"Just wanted to let you know I purchased Mobiclean this afternoon and I love it! Thank you!!"

Tricia, USA

"I purchased Mobiclean PRO and I just wanted to let you know this is a wonderful tool! It works GREAT! It is very easy to use and it actually works exactly as you described. Keep up the great work!"


"Just wanted to thank you (again) for the Mobiclean Pro program. After using it daily for several weeks now, I have to say it has been worth every penny! Besides all the features it offers, on one of my larger websites that used to take literally 15-20 minutes to upload before using your program, now takes less than a minute! WOW!!! I'll even access the website after uploading to make sure everything is there! lol , - I use your program on my Win7 with v3.1.2 and Win10 with v4.3.4). Both work perfect! I'll be accessing your resourceful website for more gems!! Keep up the great work."

"I've purchased your Mobiclean PRO. Although it s only for Windows I tried it with my Mac.
I run it with Parallels and Win7 as virtual machine. It works perfect. MacOX 10.10.5, Win 7 Prof., Parallels 9.


"The other product I recommend is MobiClean Pro. Amazing little product. Removes MBR links, cleans up code (to make site faster), and can optimize images (also makes site faster).... which seems to be a bit of a problem with new users. Well worth the money if you use MBR often.... or looking to appease Google and improve your search position."


"I´m really pleased I purchased Mobiclean PRO - I can now personalise my sites and remove all those mobirise links and replace them with my own site references and it's so easy to do. Thank you for an excellent product. "

Marrianne, Spain

"Hi Steve - last week you kindly answered a few questions for me when I was about to give Mobiclean (Version 6) a run out for the first time. I have now run it on my sites and just wanted to say it is absolutely bl**dy marvellous! It's a joy to come across a program that is so simple to use and yet so very powerful in the way it sweeps through all the nasties that Mobirise buries in the code etc. My only regret is that I didn't buy it several months ago when I first started using Mobirise. I've already recommended it as a must-have program to a few friends of mine who use Mobirise."

Wes, UK

"Great software, MobiClean Pro is easy to use and very fast. MobiClean Pro software is the perfect last touch Mobirise needed to be a great website builder. Good price for MobiClean Pro and customer support is excellent. I had a dumb newbie question about robot.txt and it was explained/answered in about a hour on the weekend and we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic!
Thanks RichoSoft"

Ron, USA

I sent an email to Mobiclean two days ago in which I mentioned:
"Exclude lists for 'add to head' and 'add to body' - I have a script that allows people to request a phone call - I also have currently three webpages that don't really require it (Terms page, privacy page and 404 page) - It's easy enough to nip into Notepad++ and remove the code but would be great if your program did it :)"
WOW - the latest release of their program BAM!!!! It's there - it now means that (As my site is at the moment) I ONLY have to use Mobiclean - no need for tweaking pages one-by-one with Notepad++

Robert, UK

Your Mobiclean Pro is really amazing.....
....It facilitates to remove all backlinks of Mobirise, saving our time and effort. It is wonderful that you included Open Graph tags, Images Optimization to reduce loading time of the website and many other options in your last version.......
.... I appreciate that you made the updates absolutly free, and it is really worth for everyone to try Mobiclean..... 

Big Thanks Steve

Note: V10 Now Available
Price: £39.99 (GBP)

Provided By: RichoSoft
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Contact Name(s): Steve
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