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S42. Membra Members System with Facebook like post streams

­Shareit PRO Membership System
Membra Private Secure Members System with facebook style post sharing and subscriptions required for membership. Site Template for Mobirise 4 * sites.
An easy to set up Membra Private Secure Members System Site Template for Mobirise 4 with facebook like post stream with comments, likes and photos and subscriptions.
Customiseable in the Mobirise editor program.

With Categories, Activity Lists, Profile Views and Optional Newsletter
Also an Optional Newsletter Creation and Distribution System is available as an add-On.

Demo Here

Not Compatible with AMP Sites
System Requirements
What you need to use the system: 
  • Web Server with PHP 5.6 or later
  • PHP MySqli, Imagick and gd extensions
  • One MySql database
  • Mobirise 4.11.4 or later with LevelM4 Theme
  • Mobirise Code Editor Extension
Fully Responsive and compatible with Mobirise
Uses Bootstrap's responsive framework and mobirise's editing functions and code editor to add additional functionality for the members area functions

Easy to Customise
Using standard Mobirise editor + code editor
The web site is easy to customise using your mobirise editor.
You can also edit the membership system code using the mobirise code editor to edit the additional PHP code if required


  • Private Messaging between Members.
  • Confirm Acceptance of Terms, Privacy etc. Message before allowing Registrations if Self registration is active.
  • Acceptable Conduct Page.
  • Delete Members and ALL their content option.
  • Enhanced code and other minor enhancements.
  • Customisable Auto-Subscriptions
  • Custom IPN to process notifications from PayPal.
  • Auto disable member if auto-subscription fails or is cancelled by member or you.
  • Activity Lists.
  • and more...

Unlimited Member Pages
Easily add as many members pages as you wish
You can add members only pages easily that only logged in members can view the content add.
Members content can be added using standard mobirise blocks and/or code blocks with the code editor
facebook like Post Stream with comments, likes and photos.
Allow posts to be categorised and displayed by category with auto-creation of Categories sub-menu
Allow avatars for users.
Enhanced code.
Make selected members Moderators.
Post Summary.
Activity Lists.
Profile Views.

Easy SetUp
Automatic Database Configuration
Just create a blank database in your Host's cPanel fill in a few details and the database is configured for you together with the necessary connection files.
No coding knowledge required.

Member Management
Includes a members management area
Manage Users from a simple to use management page
Manually add free users by admin option.
Switch off self registrations for admin to add free members only.

Other Features
Encrypted passwords and more
All passwords are encrypted for security.
Includes a forgot password facility for self re-setting lost passwords.
Switch off Self Registration
Change email header logo
Allow posts to be categorised and displayed by category with auto-creation of Categories sub-menu
Allow avatars for users.
and more..

Extra Features
Option to restrict email addresses used to register to deny use of throwaway email addresses.
Send Messages and Announcements to Selected Members.
Private messaging between members.
Members My Account Page to allow editing of some user information.

Coming Soon....

Note: English Version
Price: £79.99 (GBP)

Provided By: RichoSoft
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Contact Name(s): Steve
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Category: Membership System Templates
Type: System Template
Available in Country : Worldwide
Language: English
Item Type : Premium

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