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S32. TECHM4 V4T4 Membership System Template for v4.7.x or later

­TECHM4 V4T4 Membership System Template for v4.7.x or later from RichoSoft Squared
Non-Subscription Members System Site Template for  Mobirise* V4 sites.
Built on Mobirise TechM4 Theme
An easy to set up Non-Subscription Members Site Template for Mobirise Customiseable in the Mobirise editor program.

Not Compatible with AMP Sites
System Requirements
What you need to use the system: 
  • Web Server with PHP 5.4 or later
  • PHP MySqli extension
  • One MySql database
  • Mobirise 4.5.x or later with Mobirise 4 TECHM4 Theme
  • You will need some HTMl and CSS skills as some blocks are HTML Blocks.
  • Mobirise Code Editor Extension. 


  • Fully Responsive and compatible with Mobirise
  • Uses Bootstrap's responsive framework and mobirise's editing functions and code editor to add additional functionality for the members area functions

Easy to Customise

  • Using standard Mobirise editor + code editor
  • The web site is easy to customise using your mobirise editor.
  • You can also edit the membership system code using the mobirise code editor to edit the additional PHP code if required

Unlimited Member Pages

  • Easily add as many members pages as you wish
  • You can add members only pages easily that only logged in members can view the content add.
  • Members content can be added using standard mobirise blocks and/or code blocks with the code editor

Easy SetUp

  • Automatic Database Configuration
  • Just create a blank database in your Host's cPanel fill in a few details and the database is configured for you together with the necessary connection files.
  • No coding knowledge required.

Email Validation

  • Via email to member on registration
  • On registration an email is sent to the member to validate their email, no validation means no access, prevents signups with ficticious emails.

Member Management

  • Includes a members management area
  • Manage Users from a simple to use management page
  • Manually add users if required.
  • Switch off self registrations for admin to add members only.

Other Features

  • Encrypted passwords and more
  • All passwords are encrypted for security.
  • Includes a forgot password facility for self re-setting lost passwords.
  • Switch off Self Registration
  • Change email header logo
  • Export Members Details to Excel/CSV
  • and more..
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Provided By: RichoSoft
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Category: Membership System Templates
Type: System Template
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