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MyStore E-Commerce System Templates Information

Here you will find details of many of the features of the MyStore Systems and a Comparison Chart

My Store

Features and Options

Not all features in all versions of MyStore so check product listings and comparisons below.

  1. CART FEATURES - Prevents orders over the stock value. Allows Coupon use with limits and validation and one coupon per order. Allows multiple product selection. Allows options such as sizes,colours and other options. Calculates and displays included tax.Allows max and min postage & packing per order.
  2. SHOP PRODUCT FEATURES - Automatically displays Offers (highlighted in red) and savings if current price is lower than usual price. Option show pack qty and P&P per product. Prevents orders of items out of stock. More button displays full product info and additional images if required, otherwise first 200 characters of description displayed with tags removed. Selectable order qty that automatically adjusts to stock qty. Products can be filtered/sorted on Category, Price and Offer Type. Unlimited number of products with settings for number of products per page.
  3. UNLIMITED USERS - Easily Add as many additional users to manage the system as required.
  4. AUTOMATICALLY CREATED TERMS & PRIVACY POLICY PAGES - with store details as set in the admin settings page automatically inserted into the correct places.
  5. ADMIN FUNCTIONS - System Settings to manage parameters for your system and PayPal interfacing with easy switch from Sandbox(for testing) to Live. System Utilites allowing you to optimise database, backup database, export orders and more. Manage Admin Users to manage additional managers of the system. Manage Products to allow the adding and editing of products. Manage Categories to allow you to add and edit product categories that can be used. Manage Tax Rates to allow you to manage the different tax rates that can be attached to products (all products should be entered with Tax Inclusive Prices). Manage Offer Types to allow you to add different Offer Types to products, such as 'New Arrival', 'Buy 1 Get One Free' etc. Manage Coupons allows you to add coupons for discounts on orders depending on valid date, min order value and number of uses. View Orders shows summary of order and allows drill down to detail and manage the order status and delivery status. You can also delete complete orders to comply with GDPR if customer wants to be 'forgotten'.
  6. Allows the sale of Digital Products or Physical Products or a combination of both. Digital items can be set to expire after a specific number of days and to only allow a specific number of downloads. Download links offer protection to your files by not disclosing the actual location of the files on your server. Also supports FREE digital downloads and if the total order value is Zero the payment process is skipped. Download links are automatically sent to the customer after a successful transaction. Download links can be reset if necessary to allow the customer to download the files after the link has expired and links can be automatically resent to them.
  7. Customer Account area where customers can view the status of their orders and print/view invoices through a secure account area.
  8. Now add up to 4 images for each product with image zoom, and add videos to the extended product information.
  9. Additional admin functions, image manager, analytics, and extended product management.
  10. And much, much more........

My Store Comparisons

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