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Here are a selection of Systems and Template Systems for Mobirise Sites. These Do Not use a third party server or processing so keeps everything on your own server..

Mobirise Code Editor is recommended for all items here.

My Digi Store V4

S15IA. Mobirise Invoice Plug-In for MyDigiStore System Template for V4 from RichoSoft.

An easy to add plug-in to extend the My DigiStore so that you can produce Invoices for the orders in your store.

System Requirements

What you need to use the system: 

Mobirise Program V4.5.x or later Mobirise 4 Theme, 3 Theme and Shop Theme
Cookie Warner Extension (Optional)
Google Analytics Extension (Optional)
A PHP enabled server with PHP 5.4 or later and MySQLi extension and CURL Installed
One available MySQL Database 
PHP Mail Extension enabled on server
The RichoSoft My DigiStore Template System Installed.
Mobirise Code Editor Extension 


Just upload the supplied few files as detailed in the user guide and you are all set up.

Easily generate and download Invoices for any orders placed in your My DigiStore.
Automatically detects if order paid and adds a Paid thank you block into the invoice.
Shows each item, tax included postage and coupons. Shows Shop, Customer and Delivery addresses.
Uses the same store header image as the email header. No set up apart from uploading a few files.

Not Compatible with AMP Sites

This item is not compatible with AMP sites..

Video Demos

Due to continued development and enhancements features and operation may have been updated since the videos were produced, so there may be more features than those shown.

What's In the Pack?

All Required Files - Richosoft created code files and libraries. 

User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system. 

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.

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