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Here are a selection of contact form extensions for Mobirise Sites that do not use Formoid! They use the PHP FormMail or SMTP Mail functions on your own server, which makes them more secure and not dependent on a third party server or processing.

Mobirise Code Editor is recommended for all forms here.

Contact Form for Mobirise

E8. Mobirise 5 Star Contact Form Extension with reCaptcha! ENGLISH VERSION. 
REDUCED! - WAS £19.99 - Now £14.99
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Works with Mobirise 4 (Except 4.2.3 which has issues with all extensions)
Easy to set up Contact Form Extension with reCaptcha2 for Mobirise Sites.
Has features that aid GDPR Compliance.
Includes 5 Fully Customisable Fields/Drop Dowm/Radio Buttons
Processes emails from the Contact Form using PHP FormMail.
Easy Set Up Add to any Mobirise Site. 
Field Validation Included. 
Automatically sets the Reply email address to the form submitters email addess. 
Sends submitters IP address with submlitted details. 
No database. 

System Requirements

What you need to use the system: 

A Mobirise Site V3 or V4 (4.4.5 recommended).
A PHP enabled server V5.4 or later.
CURL, Imagick and PHP FormMail enabled server
API Keys from Google for reCaptcha2
NO database 

This version of the Ultimate PRO form has an aditional Date Field and both date fields can be configured with different prompts like Arrival Date, Departure Date, Start and End Dates etc. Number of People Field again can have any prompt so can also be used as a text input field, and the Facility Field can also be configured with any prompt. So This form can be configured as a Room Booking form,Facility Booking form, registration form and almost anything else.
Date fields and other fields etc can be switched off as required.  
Also includes a customisable drop down box with up to 20 options. Can be set to accept single or multiple selections and set as required or optional.
Also includes a customisable set of up to 3 radio buttons.
Message/Comments can be optional so form can be used as a registration form that does not need user comments/message.
Phone field can be switched off.
Submit Button Colour is now a cog option.
Optional Colour Required field Borders and select the colour to use. 
Separate Accept Terms and Accept Privacy boxes, can also have Terms and Privacy version number which will be sent with form submission and copied to user. Form owner will also receive confirmation of whether or not the users accepted the terms and privacy. Copy to submitter also receives confirmation of the terms and privacy accepted.
The Ultimate Pro video shows how the form works but does not show all the features of this form.


Easy Set Up
Allows form user to remove previousy selected uploads/attachments if added in error
Choose the fields to Include on the form
Add up to two Date Pickers
Allow up to 6 file attachments
Choose fields to be required or optional
More optional fields to include:
Send form submission to multiple recipients
Send copy to form submitter (optional)
Two fields that can be set for any chosen option
A customisable drop down box that can include up to 20 options, and can be set to Multiple Choice or single and set to required or optional.
A customisable up to 3 Radio Button box with configurable values for each radio.
A colour selector for the Submit Button.
Separate Accept Terms and Accept Privacy boxes that can be set to required or not, if set to required form can only be submitted if they are selected.
Option to add Terms and Privacy Versions, so you can record which version of your privacy and terms were accepted by the user.
Emails now include confirmation of which Terms and Privacy the user accepted or not accepted. This is confirmed in the emails to the site owner(s) and the copy to the submitter (if selected).
Choose whether or not to colour the border of required fields and option to select which colour to use.
Automatically adds required libraries and scripts to assets folder and page
Add to any Mobirise Site
Field Validation Included
Message/Comments box now optional and the placeholder can also be configured. So form can be used for regsitrations etc that do not need user comments.
Phone is now an optional field and can be required or not.
Automatically sets the Reply email address to the form submitters email address
Sends submitters IP address with submlitted details
Uses Google reCaptcha2 to help stop spam
No database
Includes user guide PDF and all required files
Keeps everything on your own server and does not use Formoid!
Installs like other Mobirise Extensions, Simply import the Extension

Not Compatible with AMP Sites

This item is not compatible with AMP sites..

Some Screen Shots

Video Coming Soon...

What's In the Pack? 

All Required Support Files - Richosoft created code files and libraries and code to copy and paste.

User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system.

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.


Forms for Mobirise without Formoid and processed on your own server.

Kudos to Steve. I have used a couple of his products and I will note they are excellent. My latest download is the Mobirise XL Contact Form w/ Recapthcha 2. Makes child's play out of setting up a customizable MBR form with Captcha2. You'll want to get this if you use Mobirise professionally.

The RichoSoft contact form Extension for Mobirise is a complete lifesaver!!!!!!!! who in their right minds would like their emails to say Mobirise??? with the standard Mobirise Form? Happy with my purchase :)

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