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The Backup and Recovery
System and more...
for Mobirise

Protect your data from system crashes and modify settings and more...

Together with MobiClean, and MobiRub, MobiFixIt gives you a complete management suite for Mobirise professionals.

MobiFixIt Shot

For Mobirise 
An easy to use program that will easily and quickly backup all user data!

You can also manage multiple versions of Mobirise on the same PC and easily launch the required version. Change Code Editor Version too as required.
Plus More...

System Requirements

Mobirise Program V4.x.x
Windows 7, 8 or 10
32Bit or 64Bit Windows Operating Systems. (Not suitable for MAC or other operating systems)
English File/Folder Names
Processor 2Ghz or better.

What can you do with MobiFixIt?

 It allows you to backup all your key user data to another location/drive so that it can be restored at a later date, should you experience hard disk/computer failure or accidentally delete key files.
You can backup/restore:     
  * Project Data
  * User Blocks
  * Extensions
  * Projects in AppData
  * Projects in other folders
  * Recents List
  * It allows you to search for projects in any drive/folder and view details about any project.
  * It allows you to Copy Projects from one folder to another.
*  It allows you to rename a project.
*  It allows you to re-instate a project that has disappeared from the Latest sites Panel in Mobirise.
*  It allows you to view all history files for a project and delete those no longer required.
  * It will auto-search to find your Mobirise AppData and default Projects folders or you can set them manually.
  * If you have multiple versions of Mobirise installed in separate folders the system can search for these and save the locations etc.
  * You can launch a specific installed Mobirise version from within MobiFixIt.
  * If you have the Code Editor MobiFixit will identify the current Code-Editor installed and install a different version for you.
  * Install special Custom Blocks for FREE from within MobiFixIt to use in your Mobirise Projects (Note: some blocks will not be available in all themes/mobirise versions).
  * View details of all extensions installed so you can check version numbers etc. and also view extensions that have been removed from Mobirise.

Latest Version is V1.2.7

MobiFixIt is being updated from time to time, so if you already have a version less than the one above click the Check for Updates at the top of the main page  monthly to see if a new version is available.
If you have downloaded MobiFixIt today, once you have installed it, click the Check for Updates link at the top of the Main Page make sure you have the latest version.
You get FREE Updates to the latest version for Life from
RichoSoft Squared.

Alpha Video Demo

This is a sample video made during Alpha Testing.
The Live System has more features than shown in the video.
A new video will be produced soon....

What's In the Pack? 

Program Installation File. 

User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system. 

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included. 

FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE - If the program is updated or there are bug fixes you get the updated program FREE. (Does not apply to other versions e.g. PRO PLUS version but special upgrade offers will apply) 

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