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E19. Mobirise FRENCH 6 Star reCaptcha3 Contact Form Extension

Mobirise FRENCH 6 Star reCaptcha3 Contact Form Extension

FRENCH 6 STAR CONTACT FORM with and without reCaptcha3 EXTENSION

with PHP FormMailfor  Mobirise* sites.

Aids GDPR Compliance!

Easy to Add Contact Form Extension for Mobirise with DatePicker, File Attachments, Custom Fields and more...

Keeps everything on your own server and does not use Formoid!


NEW - Switch recaptcha On/Off with a single click in the Cog so can be used with or without reCaptcha3
An easy to set up Contact Form Extension with reCaptcha3 for Mobirise Sites, that helps you conform to the GDPR.
Works with Mobirise 3 & 4 (Except 4.2.3 which has an issue with all extensions)

Not Compatible with AMP Sites
System Requirements
What you need to use the system: 
  • A Mobirise Site V3  or V4 (4.4.5 recommended).
  • A PHP enabled server V5.4 or later.
  • CURL, Imagick and PHP FormMail enabled server
  • API Keys from Google for reCaptcha3
  • NO database
  • Mobirise Code Editor Extension. 

  • New! Enhanced Cog Settings
  • New! Switch recaptcha on/off
  • New! More customisable fields
  • New! Set Colour of Submit button text.
  • Easy Set Up
  • Allows form user to remove previousy selected uploads/attachments if added in error
  • Choose the fields to Include on the form
  • Add up  to two Date Pickers
  • Allow up to 6 file attachments
  • Choose fields to be required or optional
  • More optional fields to include:
    • Send form submission to multiple recipients
    • Send copy to form submitter (optional)
    • Two fields that can be set for any chosen option
    • A customisable drop down box that can include up to 20 options, and can be set to Multiple Choice or single and set to required or optional.
    • A customisable up to 3 Radio Button box with configurable values for each radio.
  • A colour selector for the Submit Button.
  • Separate Accept Terms and Accept Privacy boxes that can be set to required or not, if set to required form can only be submitted if they are selected.
  • Option to add Terms and Privacy Versions, so you can record which version of your privacy and terms were accepted by the user.
  • Emails now include confirmation of which Terms and Privacy the user accepted or not accepted. This is confirmed in the emails to the site owner(s) and the copy to the submitter (if selected).
  • Choose whether or not to colour the border of required fields and option to select which colour to use.
  • Automatically adds required libraries and scripts to assets folder and page
  • Add to any Mobirise Site
  • Field Validation Included
  • Message/Comments box now optional and the placeholder can also be configured. So form can be used for regsitrations etc that do not need user comments.
  • Phone is now an optional field and can be required or not.
  • Automatically sets the Reply email address to the form submitters email address
  • Sends submitters IP address with submlitted details
  • Uses Google reCaptcha3 to help stop spam
  • No database
  • Includes user guide PDF and all required files
  • Keeps everything on your own server and does not use Formoid!
  • Installs like other Mobirise Extensions, Simply import the Extension


Fixed Fields  (Must always be on the form)          

  • Name                  
  • Email   

Optional Fields (Can be selected to be on the form or not)                    

  • Subject
  • Message/Comments
  • Date (Customisable Label) with datepicker X 2
  • File attachments (Up to 6 files) with drag and drop or browse to files and file size configurable.
  • Phone
  • Mobile/Cell
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City/Town
  • County/State/Province
  • Country
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Company
  • Customisable Drop Down with up to 20 options and multiple or single selection
  • Customisable 3 radio Button Group.
  • Gender
  • Web Site URL
  • Facebook Page URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Separate Accept Terms & Privacy Policy with terms and Privacy Version Details.

Fields can be made required or optional

Other Options                        

  • Email to send form results to (multiple recipients can be added, depending on Host setup)
  • Send email copy to Submitter
  • reCaptcha3 Public Key Field for easy entry
  • Fields can be made required or optional
  • Hide/Show Title
  • Hide/Show Subtitle
  • Background Colour
  • Background Image
  • Parallax
  • Overlay
  • Top padding
  • Bottom Padding
  • Submit Button Colour
  • Optional Colour Required field Borders and select the colour to use.
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