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Yet Another Scam – GDPR Compliance

Posted by: Admin on 15th December 2018 02:02:47.


A new scam is emerging concerning GDPR compliance.

If you get an email entitled : Action Against the DPO of You are on The GDPR Non Compliance Register.

This is a scam, the link in the email goes to a domain that does not exist, and the email address the message was sent from, was registered a few days ago in Panama.

Now, why is a GDPR email that should come from a website registered in the European Union, coming from, which has no website, is registered in the Caribbean, and not in the EU? The answer, it must be a scam or some scare tactics.

And, I cannot find a “UK Non Compliance Register” on the Internet, it appears it does not exist.

So do not respond, do not worry, just delete the email immediately.

These scams and phishing attempts are getting more frequent and it begs a serious question, “If  legitimate users have to comply with regulations and GDPR, why is NOTHING being done by authorities to arrest and lock up these despicable people, as surely they must also have to comply with the regulations. How can authorities fine legitimate businesses and individuals for un-intentional errors in conforming to the GDPR (a very complicated piece of legislation IMO), when they do nothing to prosecute these unscrupulous law breakers. Things must change. You never hear of a scammer or phisher being prosecuted or jailed for these henous crimes. (Just saying…)

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