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Mobiclean PRO - The Swiss Army Knife for Mobirise Sites

Posted by: Admin on 15th June 2018 03:30:13.


The latest version of Mobiclean Pro has some exciting new features added recently:
  • New in 6.0.41:
1. Automagically Add OG and Twitter Tags to Pages.
  • New in 6.0.42:
1. Fix new Mobirise Extensions like in themes/script.js.
  • New in 6.0.43:
1. New option to add scripts/links etc to the page <head> or <body> end - that will be added to ALL applicable pages - useful for Cookie Scripts, Fonts etc that need to be added to ALL site pages at once..
  • New in 6.0.44:
1. Updated changes in 6.0.43 - Added options to exclude selected pages from adding scripts/links to all pages, so you can now be selective on which pages to add the scripts/links to...
  • New in 6.0.45:
1. Added New Beta 'Replace Complex Strings' option, which allows you to replace up to two strings that contain special characters such as quotes(") (') etc...
View the latest video here:


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