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Yet Another Scam – GDPR Compliance : Posted by: Admin on 15th December 2018 02:02:47.

­ A new scam is emerging concerning GDPR compliance. If you get an email entitled : Action Against the DPO of You are on The GDPR Non Compliance Register. This is a scam, the link in the email goes to a domain that does not exist, and the email address the message was sent from, was registered a few days ago more

Mobiclean PRO - Just got better! : Posted by: Admin on 7th December 2018 05:43:47.

­With the latest to additions to Mobiclean PRO it just got even better and is now the most comprehensive add-on for Mobirise. So what are the latest additions: Add a Modal Pop-Up on Page Load to announce events etc.   Add Vertical Floating Social Sharing bar to left of screen of a page or pages: more

Mobiclean PRO - The Swiss Army Knife for Mobirise Sites : Posted by: Admin on 15th June 2018 03:30:13.

­UPDATE: The latest version of Mobiclean Pro has some exciting new features added recently: New in 6.0.41: 1. Automagically Add OG and Twitter Tags to Pages.   New in 6.0.42: 1. Fix new Mobirise Extensions like in themes/script.js.   New in 6.0.43: 1. New option to add scripts/links more

The GDPR - Confusing - Ambiguous - My thoughts : Posted by: Admin on 14th May 2018 05:35:15.

­Some of my thoughts and observations on the GDPR The GDPR is confusing and ambiguous and if you look around the internet everybody has different opinions on what it means, what is covered and how you comply with it. The interesting thing is that the they state that you must give clear and easy understandable details of your policy to your more

Mobirise Versions to Avoid : Posted by: Admin on 10th April 2018 03:16:04.

There are some versions of Mobirise that you should avoid using as they, IMO, have too many issues. I recommend that you avoid versions 4.6.6 and 4.7.0. IMO the most stable versions are 3.12.1, 4.4.5 and 4.6.5. If you install version 4.7.0 you will have major issues with sites built from version 3.12.1. They are still issues with login more

Welcome : Posted by: Admin on 11th March 2018 03:10:11.

­Welcome to my blog, created entirely with the Blog Site Template for V4 by RichoSoft Squared. enjoy..... more

New Blog Template for Mobirise 4 Sites : Posted by: Admin on 11th March 2018 01:34:17.

New Blog Site Template for Mobirise 4 Sites   The new Blog template V4 is now available. Some of the features are: Allow unlimited multiple users to post to the Blog. Only admin users can modify settings. Users can only edit their own posts, except admin who can edit any users posts. Full featured post more

About RichoSoft : Posted by: Admin on 5th March 2018 09:45:26.

What is RichoSoft? RichoSoft was started in 1985 as a hobby, writing software and bulletin boards at a time when the internet was very different to what it is today, however, my hobby continues. RichoSoft has now been on-line for over 25 years. The RichoSoft brand was first on-line in October 1988 as a sub-domain of an AOL more

My Web Sites : Posted by: Admin on 5th March 2018 04:16:53.

My Web Sites Check out my sites. RichoSoft Squared Get a Quote or Find a Package RichoSoft Ultimate Ultimate Tools and Widgets RichoSoft (Original) A Host of Tools, Templates and Widgets RichoSoft and RichoSoft Squared - Ultimate Quality and Service more




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